Sectors: Education
Solutions: Designer, Sentinel

Castleward Primary School

01. Listen

Castleward Primary School in Derby is a new build school, with plans in place to open in August of 2021 ready for the beginning of a new term in September. The school consists of a mix of one and two storey blocks, making the most of limited space by incorporating play spaces on rooftop areas. Within the school, 12 classrooms, a shared hall and studio library spaces, along with additional facilities have been built to accommodate over 350 pupils, both of primary and nursery age.

02. Plan

Integrated Doorsets were tasked with manufacturing all internal doorsets for Castleward Primary School, and it was necessary that doorsets installed within the new build school achieved a particular specification. Doorsets that could withstand high traffic and continuous abuse were a must given the location, as well as achieving a certain level of acoustic capabilities to ensure noise from classrooms were kept to a minimum.

03. Build

Laminated doorsets with lacquered lippings were installed within the school, in a combination of FD30 and FD60 fire ratings. This ensures the doorsets comply with all fire regulations and will protect staff and pupils in the event of a fire. This was paired alongside our Audiodor, which ensures noise levels within the corridors are kept to a minimum, containing any noise made in the classrooms and creating a more peaceful setting within the communal areas.

Several of the doorsets installed were paired with side screens, which allow visibility through to the classrooms. Alongside this, large kickplates were added to most doorsets to compensate for the busy school environment, ensuring the excessive use of the doorsets creates minimal damage.

04. Deliver

Castleward Primary School will provide modern and innovative learning facilities, providing an excellent asset to the community.

The finished school has achieved a sleek and contemporary look, and more importantly will make a positive impact on the community by offering vital primary education. Integrated Doorsets are proud to have been involved in this project, and can’t wait to see the school welcoming their first set of pupils in September.

Doorsets that could withstand high traffic and continuous abuse were a must given the location.