Door edge detailing

The integrated doorset concept from Integrated Doorset Solutions is a comprehensive solution developed to provide architects and contractors with performance doorsets in which every element is fit for purpose and guarantees performance and regulatory compliance.

The concept is the next logical step in the development of performance doorsets. By incorporating all of the essential ironmongery, the performance and technical and regulatory requirement of the doorset can be guaranteed. This includes all recessed ironmongery and anything that interrupts the seals within the doorset, such as: closers, hinges, flush bolts, locks, flush pulls, electric locks and armoured loops, mag locks, transom spring closers and floor spring closers.

Head of Marketing and Product Development, Stephen Hutsby, explained: “The integrated doorset concept is about making sure all of the components of the doorset are fit for purpose and work together to ensure it meets the required performance levels.  Because all of the components are put together in a quality-controlled factory environment the performance is guaranteed and delivers increased onsite quality and time savings”.

All Integrated Doorsets’ ranges – Ovi, Enduracor®, Plasform®, Designer and Extended Performance – can be provided as an integrated solution. Using our core values of ‘Listen. Plan. Build. Deliver.’, the skilled team at Integrated Doorsets take a collaborative and flexible approach using their technical expertise and knowledge of the sector and market to work with architects, specifiers and contractors at the design and specification stage to provide ideas and solutions to ensure the right products are specified for relevant applications.

In order to maintain choice, design freedom and the ability to create the aesthetic concept of building interiors, architects and specifiers maintain control over non-performance surface mounted ironmongery and are therefore not limited to a prescribed range, except in specialist areas such as mental health where anti-ligature ironmongery is necessary to meet performance requirements.

Today, with the focus on safety and regulatory compliance in construction, Integrated Doorsets’ solutions, factory made and fully compliant with the latest standards, are the most effective way in ensuring doorsets fulfil their intended function.