TS3 and TS Guard – Assured fire performance.

Due to the critical role fire doorsets play in a building’s overall fire strategy it is essential that they are installed correctly.

TS3 and TS Guard is a fire stopping sealant system designed to plug the ‘frame to wall’ gap thereby providing assured performance with specific reference to fire, smoke, and acoustic rated doorsets, including glazed screens, for up to 120 minutes fire protection.

TS3 acrylic sealant, commonly referred to as fire mastic or intumescent mastic, has been developed to not only provide cold smoke and acoustic performance in its natural state but also to expand to three times its original volume once exposed to temperatures greater than 150°c and by that, prevent the passage of flame around a doorset opening from transferring from one side of a wall to the other.

Suitable for use in flexible and rigid wall types, all our fire test evidence has been achieved with full size doorsets in preference to linear gap tests and includes multiple frame profiles/designs as well as different door frame materials. Door frames described to project beyond the surface of a wall, specified to include shadow gaps, detailed to provide integral architraves, or exclude architrave altogether, are also covered by IDSL’s primary test evidence.

Fire tests have also proven that TS3 and TS Guard acrylic joint sealant system meets the fire performance requirements for up to 120 minutes when applied in conjunction with PVC packers.
To assure the correct depth of mastic is applied, our TS Guard is a progressive foam material, fabricated to be compressed into the frame to wall gap, ensuring a correct 10mm depth of fire sealant can be applied.

Health and safety as well as the natural environment have both been an essential part of the development process for TS3 and TS Guard. Applying TS3 fire stopping sealant requires standard site PPE, whereas many of the alternative expanding foam products require much more careful protection due to the carcinogenic materials found in their composition. It should also be noted that TS3 sealant is supplied in 600ml foil wraps as opposed to hard plastic tubes and therefore from an environmental position, creating much reduced waste than plastic tubes or that of the expanding foam canister.

TS3 is available in 600ml foil packs, in boxes of 12. For larger projects, pallets of 75 boxes can be supplied. Contact our sales department on 01623 343111 for all your purchasing needs.

For more information download our Frame to wall sealing brochure here or view directly in the browser here.

TS3 & TS Guard – Developed by Integrated Doorsets… preferred by doorset installers.