Introducing our frame to wall sealing range.

The Hackitt Review into the Grenfell disaster discovered that a significant reason as to why this tragedy occurred was down to poor installation and a disregard for fire safety standards. Whilst the cladding remained a key factor behind this, fire resistant doorsets in buildings such as Grenfell were also implicated. Many systems in buildings still fail to meet the required standards, therefore endangering the lives of the occupants within them.

At Integrated Doorsets, we pride ourselves in putting customer safety at the forefront of everything we do. Fire rated products, such as sealant and backing material, should be considered as important as the doorset itself. A poorly sealed frame to wall gap is an all too common occurrence, and these weak areas of an installation are often exploited in the event of a fire. This is why we’ve incorporated frame to wall sealing products into our product range, to further ensure protection against fire and smoke.

Launching our frame to wall sealing range to coincide with Fire Door Safety Week seemed like perfect timing. This vital campaign highlights the neglect of fire doorsets received by local authorities, with the aim of the campaign being to give a better understanding on the importance of fire doorset safety and improve current conditions. Our new range complements the key aspects of what this campaign is wanting to achieve, ensuring the responsible contractor has the peace of mind they need in knowing the Duty Holder’s installation is protected to the correct standards.

TS3 is a fire, smoke and acoustic acrylic sealant. It expands more than three times its original size when exposed to temperatures greater than 150°c, preventing the passage of fire. The foil packed sealant has 100% more material than standard 300ml plastic tubes, allowing site workers to cover double the area, minimising any downtime. Creating minimal wastage, easy to apply and less harmful than other firestopping products on the market, TS3 is a clear choice for anyone in need of a trustworthy product to enhance fire safety on their doorsets. Paired with TS Guard, a fire safety backing material that ensures optimum material utilisation of the TS3 sealant, the certification extends beyond the rear of the frame, offering frame to wall protection for the client. The TS system is the only intumescent arrangement fully supported for use within the Integrated Doorsets certification.

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