Access Control and Security

Integrated Doorsets offers an extensive range of solutions designed to meet your projects’ specification and strongly recommend our early inclusion in the detailing of your requirements. Our experience in the complex interfaces will allow us to support you all the way from interface design drawings through to commissioning and training of the end users.

For traditional locking systems we will design your full key suiting systems and ensure a professional handover of keys including our unique key finder system. Please contact us if you require support.


Certified acoustic performance ranging from 28RwdB through to 46RwdB can be provided by our range of tested products. We develop our own design solutions to balance aesthetics with performance, ensuring the acoustic doorsets are fit for purpose.

Required items such as drop seals will be factory fitted to ensure we work to the most accurate tolerances.

Discrete finger protected doorsets

Our team were involved in the pioneering days of the Safehinge system and thus can provide your projects with the peace of mind from this market leading solution. We can work with your project team to assess the risks and provide the appropriate solutions to ensure a safe environment. Acoustic and fire performance can be maintained whilst providing an elegant solution. Where a timber solution is required the Sentinel doorset incorporating the patent protected Safehinge pivot system can be supplied.


The most important function a well fitted doorset can provide is resistance to the passage of fire and smoke. Our third party certified range covers fire and smoke rating from 30 minutes up to 2 hours.

Our detailed installation manual will support your installer in ensuring our engineered products provide your project with the designed protection it requires.

Fire stopping

Frame to wall TS3 fire stopper

The TS3 and TS Guard sealing system has been developed to not only provide cold smoke and acoustic performance in its natural state but also to expand to three times its original volume once exposed to temperatures greater than 150°c and by that, prevent the passage of flame around a doorset opening from transferring from one side of a wall to the other.

Doorsets of varying configurations have been tested with up to 120 minutes fire protection using the TS3 and TS Guard sealing system. This ensures that our product meets all the performance requirements necessary under the tightening legislative requirements in full doorset configurations.

Glazed screens

We can provide a wide range of performance screens for your projects with performance up to 2hr fire resistance and 65 RwdB. These can be made from a wide range of materials. Our joinery experience will ensure these are designed to your aesthetic and performance demands but built in a way that allows a practical installation.

Our supply is inclusive of all performance glass elements and glazing gasketry. These screens can also include our range of privacy viewing solutions.

High impact PVC clad doorsets

For certain applications, an emphasis on using the right materials enhances the life-cycle of heavily utilised doorsets. Our solutions range from automation to our heavily protected PVC clad doors. These can incorporate aluminium or PVC edge protectors as an option for the most vulnerable areas on both leading and trailing edges.

Please contact us for guidance on selecting suitable materials for high-traffic doorsets or where durability is a key factor in your construction brief.

Ironmongery solutions

The performance characteristics of a doorset are dependent on all the component parts working together. Only by testing the complete assembly is it possible to ascertain its true fire, smoke, acoustic and/or mechanical performance.

Integrated Doorsets has put together a range of architectural ironmongery to provide a complete integrated doorset package with each product, chosen to meet all technical requirements.

Combining performance critical and non-performance critical ironmongery creates visual compatibility enhances aesthetics, guarantees performance and offers the highest levels of standards compliance.

Laser resistant viewing solutions

The demands for laser protection to vision panels continue to rise as medical equipment continues to develop. We can offer solutions for particular lasers which can be built into the doors’ vision panel, or for a catch all approach we have a range of laser blinds and laser flaps.

Please contact us so we can ensure you get the most appropriate solution for your project.

Postformed Plasform doorsets

Postformed doorsets developed to meet hygiene, safety and operational requirements. The use of radiused vertical edges to door leaves, frame edges and the post forming of decorative laminate or PVC facings around them is an integral part of Plasform concept.

Please contact us to ensure we support you with the right specification for your project.

Privacy viewing panels

We have a full range of products for privacy viewing. These include both mechanical and electromagnetically driven interstitial blind solutions for both doors and screens. These are fire rated up to 60 minutes and have acoustic performance in excess of 35dB and can be X ray rated up to Code 8.

Our range also includes purpose made derivatives for mental health applications ranging from Low to High Secure environments.

Reduced swing doorsets

Occasionally, where space is at a premium or a particular layout leads to doors requiring to be opened out into a corridor, our Pivette range of reduced swing doorsets can provide the ideal solution to allow sufficient width access so that the leaf does not compromise fully the corridor or room space.

These solutions come fully fitted with the required ironmongery and can be configured for emergency release where required.


We can provide solutions that are independently tested to the recognised PAS 24 standards. These standards require an integrated solution to meet the demanding critera. We do however have solutions such that the aesthetics can be maintained without compromising on performance.

Sports hall rebound doorsets

As required by Sport England, it is essential for doorsets that open onto or away from sports areas to be designed so that there is no risk of injury from collision by any users of the area. We have developed elegant and durable solutions for both inward and outward opening scenarios. Please contact us to make sure your project benefits from the most up to date and appropriate solution.

Wall panelling

Many projects have details where doorsets are integrated within panelling with the same finishes.

At Integrated Doorsets we can provide this option, ensuring that be it grain or colour, they are matched to provide a complete coordinated solution.


In the quickly changing world of medical machinery we can support projects with a range of doorsets providing protection from Code 3 up to Code 8 and by special design beyond.

We can achieve up to 60 minute fire resistance on these products as well as glazing including privacy viewing panels.