EuroB – Decorative Wall Panelling

Recent years have seen significant understanding and research in the contribution of building components in the unfortunate event of a fire. Post the tragic events at Grenfell, this has lead to an even greater focus and review of the Building Regulations to ensure a safer environment in the event of any fire.

Various building products will either play a role in Resistance to Fire such as our industry leading fire rated doorsets, whereas others play a vital role in ensuring their Reaction to Fire mitigates the spread of a fire and reduces the toxicity of the emissions created.

EuroB is a unique and fully tested decorative wall panelling system developed by IDSL to meet the reaction to fire requirements of Approved Document B. EuroB meets the stringent requirements of EN13501-1 and has achieved a classification of B-s1, d0, the highest available classification for combustible materials.

Timber based panelling is widely specified in a number of finishes to provide the final aesthetic cladding to a range of structural fire resistant walling solutions – be that masonry, dry lining or any alternate certified solution. EuroB decorative wall panels can then be applied to the face of the wall.

Panel configurations are unique to each building and can be precisely detailed by our drawing office to suit the architects’ requirements. Once site dimensions have been taken, drawing can be emended accordingly, to ensure the concept works as anticipated including 3D visuals.

The EuroB system is available in a range of clear and pigmented finishes to cover the full scope of architectural internal finish requirements; panels can be painted, veneered or metallic to co-ordinate with the rest of the room.

We have worked with a large number of the other solutions available on the market and have encountered the broad range of issues that can occur ranging from reaction of veneers to salts within the layer, tacky to touch surface finishes that are inherent in any fire retardant coating through to the orange peel effects that can be seen when large amounts of coatings are applied to achieve the required performance. EuroB panels benefit from the finishes being applied by our state of the art robotic spray unit that ensures delivery of the exact volumes of materials to match those tested. A crystal clear top coat has been developed to overcome the aesthetic issues of previous solutions.

For more information download our wall panelling brochure here or view directly in the browser here.